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mo man tai chubby types




This product is made from residual material collected by PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic. Studio mo man tai has designed a typo for these keychains that is soft and playful and - they hope - will make everyone happy. Each character also functions as an abstract shape on its own together they form a fun '4 letter word'.Since colorful expressions are the thing at Studio mo man tai, they had fun putting together this special 'Chubby Types' set for you. Laser cut from 6 to 10mm thick transparent or solid acrylic. The color combinations were put together by Studio mo man tai; Depending on the remaining colors that your supplier has collected - prepare to be surprised! Contents:small eco-friendly gift box made of kraft paperfour chubby tubesfour high-quality key ringsInstructionsPackaging size: box 80 x 80 mmLetter size: approx. 35x35 mm

mo man tai chubby types

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