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mo man tai RAINBOW "True Colors" Edition

The "TRUE COLORS" edition is inspired by Cindy Lauper's lyrics about looking beneath the surface to see what a person is really like.

The rainbow is still a beautiful symbol of hope and peace, but also highlights the desire for individuality and equal rights for all. And theremo man taiis known for its colorful expressions, the contrasting or coordinated colors provide an additional form of personal identification.

We love the saying; “Even a rainbow sometimes wants to be different.”… and this one will be made from 100% leftover material.  The color combinations are put together by mo man tai; Depending on the leftover colors your supplier has collected, you won't be able to choose - prepare to be surprised!

When ordering, you can add a personal message to a loved one. Simply fill out the order information during the checkout process. We will send it including your message directly to the person/address of your choice.


This product is made from residual material collected by PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic. Mo man tai DIY rainbow kit is packaged in eco-friendly packaging.


  • Packaging size: 145 x 90mm;
  • including 8 pieces of acrylic to build your rainbow.
  • Rainbow size: approx. 10 x 12 cm

mo man tai RAINBOW "True Colors" Edition

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